Tuesday, September 23, 2008

If I could just take the bus, I would

My car...

His car.

Here we go again.


A little over a year ago I was sleeping peacefully when a banging on my front door woke me.

"Um," said my neighbor, looking sheepish. "Sorry to wake you. But, um, I kind of hit your car."

Yes, yes he did.

To the tune of a new grill, radiator support, radiator, condenser and hood.

It was all handled properly and through insurance and the car was fixed.

But it took a few weeks and it was annoying, because it was totally avoidable. He just backed into my car that was parked in front of my own house.

It also was annoying because I was asleep when it happened. I drive 37 miles each way for work and I park in front of my house and get hit.

So... today, again minding my own business.

This time I was working.

Just working away, editing business stories when my desk phone rings.

Which rarely happens and usually means someone has a wrong number.

"Copy desk, this is Jill."

"Hello. This is security. Do you own a silver Audi that is parked on 5?"

Me, thinking I had left my lights on..."Yes."

"Well, I hate to tell you this, but someone hit your car."

Great. At least the person was there, not a hit and run, which has been done in this parking garage before even though we all work for the same place and should have more common decency than that.

Apparently the owner of the other car backed into the space, got out and went into the building to his office.

Apparently he didn't bother to put the car in park or set the parking brake.

Apparently his car just rolled across the driveway and into mine.

I guess someone else coming into the garage saw his car up against mine and called security. The security guard then tracked down me and the other guy.

I got his insurance information and by the time I called about it 30 minutes later, he had already contacted them.

Yes. This whole thing would be classically comical were it not for the fact that my bumper will likely have to be replaced.

Car... trouble

Car got hit at work.
Details and pictures to come later.
Minor damage, but I probably will get a new bumper out of the deal.

Seems like all I do is cook these days

But that really is not true.
I also work.

Ha. Just kidding. Sort of.

But I have been enjoying my kitchen experiments.
So here are the latest, from Sunday night's dinner:


Both were new recipes for me, both came out really nice.

I know lamb is not to everyone's taste. I think this would probably work with a pork chop. But that is another experiment for another time.

OK. That's it for now. Enjoy!