Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When good boobs go bad

Yup, my boobs. They went bad.
Well, not really bad, just lazy.

I had so much trouble breastfeeding that I just had to write about it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Ben update

I left off before Ben had the VCUG, which is basically an X-ray of his bladder, etc.
They filled his bladder with dye then took pictures to see if the dye was backing up into the kidneys, which would be a reflux condition.
Turns out it was not doing that.
The urologist we had been seeing now thinks it is a UPJ obstruction.
But since he doesn't know and, by his own admission, he does not treat many patients as young as Ben, we are moving on.
We have an appointment next week at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.
I am hoping for a more understanding doctor there.
I also am hoping that they can be more specific in what the problem is and how we treat it.
Since they deal only with kids and parents, maybe they have better bedside manner than the urologist we have been seeing.
Anyway, I have the tests and reports that we have so far (two ultrasounds, the VCUG and the renal scan) for Ben.
Other than the apparent kidney problem, Ben is doing great.
He is smiling and chatting all the time. He sleeps 8, 9 or 10 hours a night and wakes up smiley and happy.
Going back to work was very hard on me, but three weeks back into it and things are improving.
It just makes me appreciate the time with Ben even more.

Professional blogger

Well, not really.
I am not part of the Mom Blog at my work.
Technically this is not my job. I am not getting paid extra for it.
But it will be fun to contribute on occasion.
My first post: Talking about being an old mom.

Next up I will be writing about my boobs. Fun.