Saturday, May 26, 2007

The sum of these parts

I really like taking photos. I especially like taking photos of odd things that most people just see as junk. I like to look at things more closely. I like my zoom lens.
I took the top photo in April while I was in Florida. During a drive along "Alligator Alley" in the Everglades, we stopped at this gas station/rest stop. There was nothing scenic at all about the place. But while I was wandering around, I saw this bin full of these, well, things. I have no idea what they are. I just liked the graphicness of them.
The second shot is from a couple years ago. I took this while I was in Boulder, Colo. I was walking along Pearl Street and some junk in an alley caught my eye. If I recall correctly, there were some old doors leaning against a fence, as well as some rusty bikes. That was all interesting, but what really caught my eye was a big trash barrel full of what look to be automotive parts. I just liked the shiny parts against the dull parts. I also liked the subtle colors in there.
These are contenders for things I might submit to a show at the P.V. Art Center ( - it is for the Juried All-Media show. I may look at some other stuff for the Small Treasures show.)
Any thoughts on these photos?

Friday, May 25, 2007

I can get behind this policy

I saw this sign a couple months back at a winery in Santa Barbara County. I just loved it.

The winery has really good wine and I like places that don't take things too seriously.

Little Lady

Here is the card I mentioned in the last post.

The images are from PaperTrey (

I like to get my hands dirty

I have many projects in the works now. Which is part of the reason I have been so lame about updating this blog.

The other part is that I am still trying to decide on its identity.

But whatever. In the meantime, let's talk about some art.

I have been slacking a bit with my pottery. I had some wheel days that didn't produce anything good, and it was a bit discouraging. But then I did some hand-built pieces that came out so nice. I think I may concentrate on handbuilding.

In fact, I signed up for the next session at P.V. Art Center and the class which used to cover so much, now focuses on hand building. So I am excited.

The art center is soliciting submissions for a couple shows. I may submit some of my small ceramic pieces to one that is all about small art. So cool!

For that one, pottery and sculpture have to be able to fit in a 6-inch by 6-inch box. Fun!

There is another one that seems a little more open as far as the requirements. I am contemplating some photos for that one. I haven't been as active with my photography as I used to be. But I did get some interesting shots in Miami.

More on the art front: I went to the Getty Center on Tuesday. My main reason to go was to see the John Humble photography exhibit ( I really liked it. It is amazing how simple the shots are, but still there is life to them.

There also was an exhibit on illustrations of beasts in medieval manuscripts ( Wow! The detail and color of some of the illustrations was amazing.

Then there was some wandering in the galleries before hitting the gardens. I love the fountains and the gardens. It is a great place to stake out a patch of grass and do some people watching.

My other projects in the works are all card-making projects. I have to get a project together for this weekend's brunch. Plus I just sent out three swaps and I have two more to do.

And I am trying my hand at being a guest designer for a new stamp line. We'll see if they pick me. So far I have submitted one design, but I want to try at least one more.