Wednesday, December 24, 2008

No tough cookies here

Monday was a very busy and productive day for me.
I think I did in one day what usually takes me three or four days to accomplish.

I cleaned house and made "Sunday dinner" and baked cookies. Four kinds of cookies.

It was an excellent day for it, cold and rainy and gray.

Once my cleaning was done I went to the market to stock up on the essentials: butter, flour, brown sugar, nuts and chocolate.

I have two of the cookie selections posted already over at the food blog. These are both pretty easy, but tasty and definite crowd-pleasers:

Oatmeal-pecan shortbread with chocolate

Oatmeal-fruit bars

Huh. I just realized the oatmeal-oatmeal thing.

But the shortbread does not seem like an oatmeal cookie. The oats just give it a nice texture and a little nuttier flavor.

And I have posted the shortbread recipe here and on the food blog before, but since I fancied them up with chocolate, I figured they deserve another mention here.

The oatmeal fruit bars? Those are all about the oats. My favorite part of those is the crumbly oaty part. Yum. Maybe the butter in there has something to do with that.

OK. I have some chores and errands today. But at some point I will post the other cookies on the food blog and flag them here.