Saturday, April 7, 2007

A sense of direction

I have none right now.

Which is why I haven't posted anything since the original entry.

I've worked a couple of six-day weeks in a row and have just been kind of drained.

I do have a full weekend coming up starting tomorrow. I can use the rest.

Sunday will be about chores, some creative projects at home and Easter dinner at my aunt's house.

I bought a copy of "Where the Wild Things Are" to give to my nephew. Since he is only 7 months old, he won't be into it yet. But it is a classic and every kid should have a copy.

Let the wild rumpus start, kid!

My pottery class at the PV Art Center starts again Monday. So far, in my two 10-week sessions, I have made a couple slightly wobbly trays/plates, some small, somewhat lopsided bowls and I have several pieces in progress now.

In the last session I even managed to make some bowls that will be big enough to use for cereal or soup. Finally.

And they are mostly not lopsided.

If I still feel artistic and creative, I may go wandering around the South Bay looking for inspiration for some designs to carve into the pottery before it is fired. I am really liking that effect.

I need to figure out how to post some pictures here. Then I will put up some shots of my bowls and maybe even some of the cards I have been working on lately.

But for now, I am done.


Rachel said...

Hi, Jill. Thanks for your kind words. I love the name of your blog. And I love that you gave your infant nephew "Where the Wild Things Are." I often give E.B. White books as baby gifts -- "Stuart Little," "Trumpet of the Swan," and "Charlotte's Web." Even though the kids can't read them yet, those great books will be there waiting for them when they're ready. Good luck with the pottery!

Jim said...

I always wondered if "the wild rumpus" was related to the "pompetus of love" ....