Monday, October 15, 2007

I love a rainy night

I woke up today to find that it had rained overnight.
It is still gray and gloomy out and I love that.
It makes me want to make soup. So I think I will. Potato-leek or red pepper? Maybe both and then, with salads and bread, I won't have to cook all week.
I am a big fan of soup. I can eat soup in pretty much any weather. I am one of those crazy people who even like soup in the summer.
But I really only like to make it when the weather (what we get of it here) starts to turn cool and gray.
A nice pot of soup bubbling on the stove makes things feel cozy.

Yesterday was a nice, clear but cool day.
I went to the farmers market on the Peninsula with my sister and her baby.
We just wandered a bit, bought a couple little things (leeks for my soup and a sourdough round, yum!). Then we got some teriyaki and rice at one of the stands and had lunch.
It was a nice relaxing day.
And I got to spend some time with my nephew.
I know I am biased, but that boy is just too cute.

Last time they were over, George ran as soon as he saw the baby toddling toward him.
It wasn't that long ago, but long enough that the baby was just getting used to the whole toddling business. So he wasn't very fast.

This time he was quicker and he was able to catch up to George.

George definitely was not sure what to make of the tiny person coming toward him, arms outstretched.
But the fat cat was actually pretty good about the whole thing, even when the baby leaned over and pressed right on George's big belly.

There were only a couple hissing incidents and no sign at all of George baring his claws or acting like he might bite.

The rest of my weekend (today) will be more kitchen organizing. I need to get more shelf liner.
Which is a dangerous thought since it involves a trip to Target, my favorite place to impulse buy.
Then I want to get that soup going and get the rest of the stuff out of the guest room and back in the kitchen.
I was going to paint the baseboards before attaching them, but with the wet weather, I think I may wait until next weekend.

There you go, probably more than you needed to know.

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