Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dressing for a soiree

My uncle's wedding is Saturday and I decided to order a skirt called the "Soiree Skirt" from J.Jill to wear. But I couldn't decide on the color based just on the catalog or Web site.

I'm the kind of girl who wants options.

So I ordered both colors.

The dark grayish-brown is called "shale" and the other burgundyish one is called "chambord."

My dilemma now that see them in real life is that I like them both.

The shale is totally a me color. I do favor neutrals and that is just a nice happy medium between gray and brown.

But the chambord seems a bit more festive. And it's by no means a bright color. It's just not a color I normally choose. But it is a good color for my fair skin and brown hair.

But I can't really justify keeping both. I mean, I just don't go to that many parties where such a skirt is appropriate.

I plan to wear the skirt with a fitted black sweater and black strappy sandals.

So, any one have an opinion on the color choice of the skirt?

I'm open to suggestions.


ReesePie said...

The chambord color IS festive, but I like that the shale seems to reflect light more. I would notice the shale skirt and to me the chambord would blend in...

Jill said...

Hmm... So far that is
Shale - 1
Chambord - 1 (in an off blog vote)

I think I am leaning toward the shale just because it is an unexpected color.

Sona said...

Oh hell - keep them both. How often do you get to find 2 things you like?

Jill said...

Well, I went with the shale for the party.
It was really cute.
And as much as it would be nice to keep them both, I think I need to return the chambord skirt.
There just are not enough opportunities for me to wear such a thing.

Ninja Of The Mundane said...

Sorry I took too long to think about it, but shale would have been my choice.

cerise said...

I'm with Sona. Keep both. It's like the perfect pair of boots (I KNOW we've had this discussion before). If you don't buy two pair (and keep one in reserve) then you'll regret it later because they're the perfect fit, the perfect color, etc.

What I want to know is why didn't you wear one of them - I vote chambord - to dinner with us on Sunday? Cocktails? Dinner? Sounds soiree-skirt-worthy to me. Hmmm, does that mean we're not soiree-skirt-wothy?

Jill said...

Cerise: I already sent the chambord version back to the company. But I know what you mean about the boots.
And of course you guys are worthy of a soiree skirt. But I knew all the dudes would be in jeans and a soiree skirt seemed a bit overdressed.
I do hope I get to wear it again though.