Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thankful for...

I worked Thanksgiving. But that is fine.
It gives me a chance to earn some OT. And for that I am thankful.
I'm thankful for a few other things.
Things like a family that I can count on no matter what. A family that loves me and doesn't judge me in spite of my many faults and foibles.
I am also thankful for my friends, both online and in the real world. They make me think, they make me laugh.
I really don't want to get maudlin.
I really just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving.
Be well, be happy.


Anonymous said...

I am thankfull to have a job and a great family and to wonderful daughters who are so special and loveing no matter what and even forgive my spelling. I am so glad to be close to you and your sister.

Jill said...

We love you, too Mom!