Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's all in the details

More pictures from Descanso. I told you I took a ton. I can't believe no one else in my group brought a camera. I am the type who takes my camera everywhere. OK. Here we go...

Potheads. Loved those. They were selling them in the gift shop. Of course I didn't buy one. I just took a picture.

The sundial was not actually doing anything in the way of telling time since it was a bit overcast that day. But I like how copper gets that verdi gris effect over time.

This next set is my favorite. I am not that big on the whole statue when it comes to statuary photos. I take a full on shot for reference, but I dig the details of something like this. I like the hands, the folds of her dress, the vine she is holding. Those are much more beautiful than the piece as a whole, at least for me.

OK. I am off to get ready for work. It is a beautiful, clear and windy day here and yesterday's torrential rains. I would love to be out in this today, but alas it is only my Friday.

Everyone else will just have to get out and enjoy the day for me.

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ReesePie said...

Fun pics! Wish I had taken more on my vacation...