Monday, January 14, 2008

Hey, whatever works

Before heading out for errands and lunch yesterday, I had my manfriend help me drag my old dining table and three remaining (rickety) chairs out into the driveway.
It was a bit on the low-class side, I know.

We were gone for about three hours.

As we turned into my neighborhood, I asked "How much you wanna bet that table is gone?"

He said something to the effect of "It's not like someone can just put that in the car. It might not be gone yet."

We had speculated earlier in the day that maybe part of it would be gone. Like maybe the table would be gone, but the chairs would still be there or vice versa.

When we got home...

Gone. All of it.
Which is pretty good considering I live on a very quiet street in a very quiet neighborhood.

Now I have this old desk in my garage. Maybe if I drag that out into my driveway next weekend...

Manfriend said there is going to be someone driving by my house every Sunday looking to see what I have left in the driveway.

So how would you go about getting rid of stuff like that? I put the desk on craigslist and got no hits. I put the desk and the table on a company classifieds listing and got no hits.

The driveway really seems to work.


Anonymous said...

I love it. Wish it would work for me but the mobile park doesn't allow it. Can I use your driveway?

Sona said...

Reminds me of when I had a yard sale. Stacked up next to the house was a bunch of bricks left over from building it. I had one guy ask me how much for the bricks!

I told him if he was willing to do the labor of loading them up he could have them.

He came back with his truck and hauled them all away.

People love free things.

Alex said...

I bet if the sign had said "$3, use mailbox honor system" you would be $3 richer!

Glad to hear you finally got rid of that "temporary" dining set.

For the desk, have you tried the "free" section of CraigsList?

Rachel Schell said...

I totally thought you had two blogs. what the heck!!

anyway, only in LA can you get away with doing this and have people actually take it in a matter of a couple hours. I've done it with a refrigerator and I swear it was gone so quick. Who has room for a refrigerator in their car or truck??!! I'm convinced there are people that drive around looking for this stuff, ready to take it.