Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tea for two or 10

I had a nice weekend.
After fearing I had pink eye (turns out it was more likely an allergy to a new mascara - see makeup IS evil!), I was mostly OK by Saturday.
Which was good since I planned to have people over Sunday for lunch.
My friends, Eric and Heather, were in town from Wisconsin.
They moved there a few years ago and it is always nice to see them.
They brought their sons Kyle and newborn Bruce.

So I offered to host a lunch for them. It was a quasi tea party. But not too girly since there would be dudes there, too.

It ended up being about 10 people with them, some of their friends and family and my sister and nephew.

I made two kinds of sandwiches: smoked salmon with wasabi cream cheese and a turkey meatloaf.

Yes. Meatloaf tea sandwiches. They really are very tasty. And you can always call them something else if you are put off by the term meatloaf.

Savory baked turkey on wheat with Dijon mayo? Sure. That works.

For these I just used my standard turkey meatloaf recipe and made that into cute finger sandwiches with the crusts cut off.

I had coffee, pomegranate lemonade and four kinds of tea. It was quite nice.

I also made a walnut-pear sour cream cake and a super, super tasty (and super, super easy) tomato tart.

To see the recipes for those, just click on the names of them above and you will be taken to All That and She Cooks, Too.

And that is pretty much all I did all weekend.

My other accomplishments were cleaning up after the guests left Sunday and washing my car on Monday. Yep, all by myself. No car wash this time.

Of course, it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Of course.

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