Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I think I'm in love

And I don't even know her name yet...

My neighbor got a new dog.

A GIANT St. Bernard puppy.

Yeah. I almost went over the fence when I saw her.

She is beautiful.

As of this morning she did not have a name.

He said he wanted a name that was fit for a girl, but also for a dog of that size.

A name like Bear, he said, but more feminine.

Which prompted me to go dog stalker.

I looked up St. Bernards on Google.

They are from Switzerland.

OK. In Switzerland they speak German and French.

Bear in German is Bar. Hmm. Not pretty.

Bear in French is Ours. Yeah, not digging it.

Then I thought of Latin. Ursa.

Like the constellations Ursa major and Ursa minor. Big bear and little bear.


Me, I love it.

But I am too embarrassed to actually tell him that I researched names for his dog.

Too embarrassed to tell a man I hardly know that I have decided to name his dog for him.

He got her yesterday.

I saw her out there in the yard again today.

She is so beautiful.

Again. Over the fence. Almost.

He heard me talking to her and stuck his head out the window.

Was she loud? Was she bothering me?

Not at all.

In truth, I was probably bothering her.

So cute.

He then mentioned that he did not want her to get lonely.

So he was getting her a playmate.

An Alaskan Malamute puppy.

Holy crap.

That is a lot of dog. Two huge, HUGE dogs next door.

Now I have to think of cute Eskimo dog names that I am too embarrassed to tell him.

Seriously. I may hurt myself climbing over that wall.


Jennifer said...

Omg, that's a cute dog. I love Ursa! You should tell him! Just make up a story that a friend of yours had a big dog named Ursa and she was super cute.

Jill said...

I saw him today. When he brought the other puppy home.
Oh man.
I am seriously gonna go dog stalker.
He named the big girl Yukon.
But when I mentioned Ursa, he looked like he thought it was cool.
But Yukon is good, too.
Definitely a big dog name.
No name yet on the Malamute.
I will get pics of him ASAP.

ReesePie said...

URSA is so perfect! I love her! Snuggle her for me!

Z. Marie said...

How big is his yard? That seriously will be a lot of dog.
But oh, so cute!