Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My other new neighbor

Meet Sacha. This is my neighbor's other new puppy.
Sacha is an Alaskan Malamute.

He is a little smaller than his St. Bernard pal, Yukon.
But he does not take any crap from her.
If she gets in his face too much, he will let her know with a sharp bark that she needs to back off a little.

He is more vocal than she is, but also seems a little more shy when it comes to coming over to the wall to say hello.

But when I am out there he looks at me and cries, like he wants me to come over and play.

I have had the chance to meet them both when they were on their way out for a walk. They are so soft and fluffy and clumsy.

Yeah. Puppies are awesome. Especially someone else's puppies. I can see them and pet them and play with them. And I never have to worry about picking up poop.


Z. Marie said...

Oh, he's even cuter than his friend!

ReesePie said...

oooh I want to eat them both!!!