Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bed, beach and blueberry bagels

So the place I stayed while in St. Thomas was a place called Bluebeard's Beach Club.
It is a timeshare type place.
It was by no means fancy.
But it was clean, it was spacious, it had a kitchen. Which was nice, as it meant not having to go out for breakfast. One trip to the market and I was set for bagels.
The resort also was slightly past its prime, especially compared with some of the big shiny new resorts around the island.
But you know, it was kind of nice. Somehow it felt more authentic than being at yet another Marriott or Westin.
This place had some character.
And some characters.
There was the surly lady at check in and then again at check out.
There was the '80s throwback bartender at the pool bar and his collection of people who sat there from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the swim-up side. I never actually saw them swim.
There were various maintenance people with happy smiles.
There were crazy looking land crab things that jumped into holes as soon as you even looked their way.
And there were iguanas, lots and lots of iguanas.
Here are some shots of the resort and its scaly mascots. The crabs were interesting, but impossible to photograph since they would not come out of the holes if someone was standing there.
All in all, it was not a bad place to have as a base for the week.

The resort and its private beach at Frenchman's Bay.

The Marriott, one cove over.

Bluebeard's beach.

More beach.

View from the balcony at night.

View from the balcony during the day. I know, obvious.

This is what the Humane Society has set up to feed all the cats
that wander around the resort. Most are pretty skittish.

There were hammocks all around the resort.

The kitchen area. It was tiny, but tidy. And it had everything I needed.

The living room from up in my loft sleeping area.

My sleeping area.
And from here on down... lizards...
Lots and lots of lizards.
One day, of course when I did not have my camera, I counted
11 large iguanas on the lawn near the restaurant.

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ReesePie said...

ohmigosh. AWESOME. Your pics are beautiful!