Monday, September 15, 2008

At least dinner got cooked

After diving yesterday I was planning to go home and do some housework.
That really didn't happen.

Mostly I squandered the rest of the day.
I did get the scuba gear rinsed and set out to dry.
After that, not much.

But I did manage to cook a decent dinner.

Chicken Marsala with some simple pasta and steamed baby green beans.

Today I really do need to get to some of these chores.

It has been a while since I slept in, not even setting an alarm. And since I didn't go to bed until well after midnight, I knew I would sleep well.

I did. I woke up at 7 a.m., which is just a little earlier than the normal alarm time. But I went back to sleep.

Until 10 a.m.
And now it is almost noon. So I need to get busy.

I have a floor to mop.

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