Saturday, September 13, 2008

Week in review

It's just been one of those weeks of work, sleep, work, sleep.

I can't really think of anything interesting that I did.

How sad. I didn't even cook anything new or exciting.

Today I will be making guacamole and salsa to take to a barbecue in honor of my nephew's birthday. He turned 2 yesterday.

Amazing. I can't remember where the time went between when I first held this perfect, beautiful baby to now.

He is a kid, with words and attitude and, yes, even opinions in his own way.

Family barbecues are always fun. Even better that I am off work on a Saturday for a change and get a three-day weekend.

I will have time to get in some fun and some chores.

Tomorrow may include diving. Manfriend is working on some home improvement projects at his place, so the diving depends on how he feels after doing that all day today.

Monday will be chores.

I know, I know... I lead an exciting and glamorous life here in the big city.

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