Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Harbor lights at night

This post is just to get in a few of the shots I took as the dive boat came back into Long Beach on Saturday evening.

I liked the way the sea wall made a dividing line between the water and the sky.

Looking back toward the mouth of the harbor.

The sunset was amazing that day and the whole port just glowed.

This is the Gerald Desmond Bridge. Poor thing. It is not as famous as its neighbor, the Vincent Thomas, which is one of my favorite bridges.

Normally this bridge doesn't do much for me visually. But seeing it from this angle for the first time, I had a new appreciation for it.

Cranes and cargo ships operate around the clock at the Port of Long Beach, the second-busiest port in the country.

Someone once told me that George Lucas modeled the walker things in Star Wars on cranes like these. I am not sure that is true, but I can see why it might be.

One of the old port buildings very close to Queen's Wharf, where we docked. Some of the buildings of downtown Long Beach are in the background.


ReesePie said...

I REALLY love the 2nd and 3rd pics. Beautiful colors and I love the composition!

Jill said...

Thanks. I was really happy with those.
I have to admit, I like the grainy quality of the shot of the harbor building, too. It is a little rough, but I dig the reflection and the shape of the building.
Thanks for the note!