Friday, December 19, 2008

Bacon, eggs and pasta. Perfect!

I have recently taken a liking to spaghetti carbonara.

Why had I never had this before?

I am not sure. But now that I know how good it is, and really pretty easy, I will make it a lot.

My version of spaghetti carbonara is made up of small bits of several other recipes. And it is awesome: rich and creamy and so satisfying.



Craig Lancaster said...

I made this once out of a Rachael Ray cookbook, and it was very good -- and fast (my two primary requirements for most meals).

Your post reminds me that I need to revisit it, and soon.

Katie Schwing said...

Yes! :) It's so delicious. And easy!

Aglio & Olio said...

Ohh Spaghetti alla Carbonara! Mmmm one of my favorites. It is one of my favorite quickie pastas! I would HIGHLY suggest making it with the delicious eggs from the Torrance Farmers Market vendor. Oh my God there is a huge difference in taste because their eggs just taste so good, like eggs should! :)

jacker said...
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