Friday, January 23, 2009

Give me a sign

I don't know why, but some guy in Twentynine Palms has a thing for signs.

And now, so do I.

They are from roadside motels and bars and such around the Joshua Tree / Twentynine Palms area. He has them all over his yard. The lot they are on is huge. It is surrounded by a large fence (through and over which these were taken).

They are just awesome. I am glad someone feels compelled to save them, such as they are.

It is probably a good thing I moved to the city. Because if I had a big ol' piece of dirt in the desert, I might also need to fill it up with signs.


Alex said...

I wonder how many weary travelers have stopped there trying to get a room for the night!

Jill said...

Ha! The first thing that would stymie them is the 6-foot-tall fence around the whole place with padlocked gates.
Then there are the pieces of cactus scattered around the outside edge of the fence.
Of course, that did not stop me from taking my pictures. I just had to shoot over and through the fence. Good thing I am as tall as the fence.