Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting older and getting over it

I remember when I was the young one in most groups.
Colleagues and friends were older.
Somehow though, this has changed.
I have become one of the older people in most situations.
Which is fine.
I can impart the years of wisdom I have accumulated along the way to my ripe old age of 38.

I can laugh now when I think back to 21, 25, 30... They all seemed like such milestones. But really, they were just mile markers along a journey more significant than just a few numbers.

There have been bumps and detours on the journey, but really the scenic route along those winding roads is so much better than spending the whole time on the freeway.


aglio & Olio said...

Aww Happy Bifday!!! :)

It is tough getting older...I chose to completely ignore my age this year and focus on the beautiful scenery around me!!!

Persian Kitchen said...

Hey Jill,

love our blog. Please don't stop blogging! Here is an award for you, pass it on!

ReesePie said...

I loved being in a senior in high school and realizing that all the stuff the freshman thought was SO IMPORTANT was SO LAME.

And now at 32 I can look back at 25 and realize how stupid I was even then.