Thursday, June 3, 2010

So it's not exactly soup season, but...

Soup is one of my favorite meals.
My mom always made great soups when I was a kid, and I love making soup now.
There are so many easy and flavorful combinations.
A favorite of mine involves tomato, red peppers and bacon. It's hard to go wrong with bacon, right?
The bacon-y tomato and red pepper soup also has a touch of richness from goat cheese and gets a little thickening from beans.
All in all, a very good soup no matter what the season.
With a salad or a sandwich on the side, this makes for a very satisfying dinner.
By the way... I do plan on blogging about something other than food.
Hopefully soon.
It's just been busy with work and baby and, well, all this cooking!

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Manang Kim said...

Hmmm now this looks so delish! Happy Saturday!

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