Thursday, June 21, 2007

a blog break

OK. So I have been a slacker the past few days about posting here.
But that is because I have been consumed by my kitchen plans and astounded by how many design type people have told me that $30,000 is way too little to spend on my project.
Um, I don't want to spend $50,000 on my kitchen. It's really not that large a kitchen.
So I think I found a way to do it on my budget or damn close to it.
I found a designer that I was not immediately put off by yesterday.
She is coming to the house Monday to take some measurements and then draw up the design and start bidding out the different cabinets and countertops.
That place doesn't do the tile work or sell the appliances.
Which is fine by me.
I know someone who does the tile and I trust him to do it well and not rip me off in the process.
As far as the appliances go, great. then I get what I want, not the brands they want to sell me.
Usually in those design places the brands are the really high-end ones. Which is great if I want my kitchen to be valued the same as the whole rest of the house.
The tile guy also knows a good person to do any finish work, so I think I am set.
I just need to find out some prices on the cabinets and counters and I can start choosing materials and getting this show on the road.

Other than kitchen stuff, I have been pretty lazy. I have been sleeping in every day. It feels so good.
I went out to lunch two days in a row, just me and a book. Of course, when I have a big lunch like that, I eat small dinners. So that is actually better.
Last night I went to see my cousin graduate from high school. It made me feel a little old. I remember pushing him in his stroller and changing his diapers.
I have work today (the one day this week I have to go in) and then I am off again until Tuesday.
The rest of my time off should consist of making some cards for an online swap (I will post those here when I get them done. I got some new Papertrey stamps I may play with for that); making some side dishes for a barbecue Sunday to follow my nephew's baptism; going to the baptism (I am the godmother!); and cleaning house.
Like I said, I have been a slacker so far this week and I really need to change that.
The weather has been so nice, if I get all my other stuff done, it might be fun to do some gardening one day and freshen up my flower beds a little.

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