Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Playing ketchup, er, catch up.

First of all, no tire problems to note here. Whew!

I know I have not posted for a few days, but I had a busy weekend of chores and errands.

Here is a recap: Sunday we had our monthly stamper group lunch. It was fun as always. And the food was good as always. My contribution was dessert. I made a lowfat trifle with angel food cake, nectarines, strawberries and a sauce of part skim ricotta cheese and honey (instead of a heavy cream or custard). It was quite good and light. And the nectarines were fabulous in it.

After that I went home and did some chores around the house. I still have stuff to do. It never seems to end.

Monday was a good day. I found out I was approved for my refinancing. I was able to lower my interest rate and take out some equity all while keeping my payments the same.

Yay! I am planning on remodeling the kitchen. I also want to pay off a bill. But if I can stretch the moeny far enough, I may do some work on the guest bathroom.

That is going to be a very involved process for me. I have so many ideas of what I want in the kitchen. But the basic space and layout will not change. So I need to do some research and planning.

The notary came over that evening and I signed all the paperwork.

What else did I do Monday?

Oh yeah, I went to pottery. I was bummed to hear that the teacher I like won't be back in the fall and may not even be back for the summer class I have already paid for. I guess they will get someone to take that over if she leaves. I hope they don't cancel.

I decided to skip the Thursday class next session. Two days a week was too much. I like that Thursday time for chores. If I get the chores done Thursday before work, I don't spend so much of my weekend on them.

The rest of Monday I puttered around the house and did some cleaning.

Then I went to the late showing of "Knocked Up." It was a cute movie. Overall I enjoyed it. I could definitely tell it was from the "Anchorman" "40-Year-Old Virgin" people. So many of the actors were the same and the writing style is the same.

I don't buy that a smart, gorgeous successful woman like Katherine Heigl's character would hook up with a schlubby stoner like Seth Rogen's character. But hey, it is entertainment. Sometimes it requires turning off your brain and just enjoying the jokes.

As always, Paul Rudd was great. I think he is underrated as a comic actor.

Today I met a former colleague for lunch at a Japanese place in Torrance. It was washoku style food, which is Japanese comfort food. It was unusual in some ways, familiar in some ways. But very, very good. Even the stuff that was a little funky for me was at least interesting. My only experience with Japanese food is really sushi and the various dishes you might find in a sushi place. It was fun to try something new.

The name of the restaurant is Yuzu. It is in Old Torrance.

I had a lunch special of grilled halibut. It came with salad, miso soup, rice, tofu and a couple little dishes of pickled and stewed vegetables.

That is the art for this post. That was taken in dim light with a camera phone. Trust me, it looked MUCH, much better in person. And it tasted fabulous.

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