Saturday, June 9, 2007

OK, now this is just getting silly

No art with this post. I didn't have anything handy to illustrate the absurdity of my morning...

I went out to my garage today, got in the car and backed down the driveway.

Fwup. Fwup. Fwup.

You have GOT to be kidding me.

Another flat tire.

At least this time is wasn't the front passenger tire. Again. That is the tire that was flat a couple months ago, then flat again Wednesday night.

So I was leaving to go to work. Thinking I didn't want to wait for AAA, I drove (slowly and with flashing lights) to a service station about 1/4 mile from home.

I thought I would just get air in the tire then head to the tire store. Again.

But this was an actual service station. Shocking. Even more shocking: It was open.

Which is a good thing since the tire wasn't going to hold air. There was a hole on the back side of it.

So I had to have the guy put on the spare.

Now when I had the two front tires replaced Thursday, I thought they would leave me the better of the two as a spare.

NO! They left me the tire that won't hold air for more than a few hours!

So othe service station guy filled that one up and put it on the car. I was off to the tire store again.

Yes, the same tire store that gave me a flat spare. But I figured anyone can make an honest mistake. I mean, it had air in it Thursday when I went there. It just won't hold the air.

And I was going to be much more careful about checking that spare before I left.

Besides, I figured I could wrangle a discount out of them. Which I did. It ended up being about $15 off the total. Not bad.

So I now have four brand new tires. Let's hope that is the end of it for a while.

The whole situation made me two hours late for work. And I still managaed to come in ahead of all my deadlines.

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