Tuesday, July 10, 2007

But these are the cute, cartoony rats...

So a couple weeks ago a colleague called me at home after my shift. There is a hole in the wall behind my desk that looks like it should be an electrical outlet, but instead is just an open hole with some insulation poking out.
Nice. Whatever.
But then he told me that he saw a RAT(!!!) poking it's head out of the hole.
The hole that is about a foot from my chair.
That was the only shift I worked that week, since I had taken some vacation and personal days to get rest and deal with my kitchen planning.
I asked if he could send a message to the admin for our department to see about getting the hole covered.
So I kind of forget about it until I get back to work a few days later. I was expecting to see the hole covered.
No. They put a couple sticky traps near it. One was to the side, the other was way under my desk.
Yay. I can just see this rat venturing from its home in the wall and skittering across my toes as I sit here late one night.
I asked the admin again about having the hole covered. In the meantime, I covered it with a manila folder and some thumb tacks. Sure to stop a hungry rat, huh?
More than two weeks later, the folder is still there, but one of the traps has disappeared.
My imagination has the rat dragging it back into the wall so it can have a good laugh with all its rat buddies.
Which brings me to the real reason for this post: "Ratatouille."
The cute movie from Disney/Pixar about a French rat that longs to be a chef in Paris.
I'm not a big one for seeing movies in the theater. Mostly because I hate paying 10 bucks to see some of the crap they put out these days.
But my man friend suggested we see this and, based on what a friend said and on things I had read about the movie, I was up for it.
Was it the best movie ever? No.
Was it worth the 10 bucks each to see it? Oh yeah.
The story was cute, not overly surprising. A coming-of-age tale of a young rat who struggles against society's prejudices to reach his goal.
Oh wait.
This IS a cartoon, right?
Yes, this is a cartoon. And a very enjoyable one, even for adults. It does not rely too heavily on double entendres for laughs. It is just a nice story, with amazing animation and some disturbing scenes of rat infestations.
And there was something for everyone: a car chase, a villain, a love story... (no, not rat love.)
There were adults, teens and kids in the theater when I went and all seemed to have a great time with this movie.
And as a bonus, there was an animated short film before the movie called "Lifted."
All in all, $10 well spent.

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