Thursday, August 30, 2007

I know it's been a few days, so here goes...

I went to Vegas for a few days to get away from work, not to mention the noise and dust and mess that is my house right now.
I know they are only tearing up one room, but that dust gets tracked everywhere.
Last night when I got home from Vegas I sat down on the couch to have a beer and relax after the drive and I saw dusty white paw prints all over my dark wood coffee table.
Vegas. Yeah. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. In my case the only thing staying in Vegas was my money.
It was not a good gambling trip this time.
I played blackjack and I am a conservative better and had guidance from people who really know how to play. And even those people lost. So it was just a real run of bad cards.
Oh well. It's only shoes, right?

As for progress on the kitchen...
They told me Saturday that they would probably start hanging cabinets Monday. No dice.
They had done patching and plastering over the holes in the walls and worked more on the electrical stuff.
But today the foreman told me they would not be here tomorrow. One guy is coming Saturday to work a little more on the walls, then after that they won't be back until Wednesday.
At that time they will do some texturing on the walls and then hang cabinets Thursday. A week from now.
I was thinking it's no wonder this is going to take at least a month, they only work a few hours a day.
They showed up today at 9:30 and were gone by 11.
I just keep looking at the cabinets in the boxes and the appliances sitting in my garage. I just keep looking at the inspiration picture and thinking about tile options.
I just want my kitchen.


Sona said...

Ah yeah - having built a house I know just where you are at - the stage of "we've been hired to do this job and it's 1/2 done so we can't be fired but we're not coming today".

Been there - it sucks. Make sure you stay on top of it all. If they said someone is coming Saturday he had better be there Saturday. Contractors will walk all over you if you let them.

Jill said...

I learned pretty quick to ask them every day "when are you coming back? what time? what will you be doing?"
I think they figured out that I was out of town and work went a little slower those days.
Mostly I want to know if they are soming or not because I lok my cats ups during the day. If they are not coming, I don't want to lock the cats up if I don't have to. George gets a little stir crazy and then is wild(er) when I let him out at night.