Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hole-y crap

OK. This will probably be the last post for today. I just wanted to provide a little kitchen update.
The workers came Thursday and cut a bunch of holes in the walls for electrical stuff.

Including a hole to upgrade the electrical for my new double oven. Sweet.

George likes the house holes.

They also cut a big hole in the ceiling where the vent pipe used to be. The new setup has a hood instead of a vent pipe, so it looks like they will be moving that whole deal over about a foot to center it over the cook top.

They worked today (yep, on a Saturday) on cutting more, bigger holes in my house. I don't have pictures of those.

They told me cabinet installation should start Monday.


I can't wait to see that.

So far all I have seen of my cabinets is a sliver where I opened a box to take a peek. There are about 25 boxes.

Yep. They look like cabinets from what I can tell.


Sona said...

Have they started on the install?? I want to see your new cabinets and those holes gone!

Jill said...

Not much progress that I can see, Sona.
I wrote about that in the latest post.
But I am bummed. I wanted to see those gleaming white cabniets no the wall. That would have made ti seem real.
Though I guess a hole where my kitchen used to be is pretty real.