Saturday, August 18, 2007

more desert scenes

I was going through some more photos from last weekend's drive to the desert.

Here are a few more that I like.

The first two are of a big, burned Joshua tree.
As we drove from the Twentynine Palms side of the national park to the Joshua Tree side, we came across a big swath of land in the park that had burned.
It was closer to the JT side of the park.
I like this tree because it was big and offered a lot of nice contrast.

The third shot is of the center of a yucca bush.

I like the patterns yucca bushes make with their spines and the curly white pulp that spirals out from the spines.
The desert has a nice variety of unusual plant life.

This last shot is just some metal rings in the dirt.
I don't know exactly what the rings are, but I liked the contrast of the organic and non-organic elements.
And again, the pattern caught my eye.


Dan said...

Very nice photos Jill! I don't have deserts near me but I'd love to point my camera at some cactuses. Or is it cacti?

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Jill said...

Technically it is cacti.
But I won't turn you in to the word police.
You have an amusing blog. I will be back.
Thanks for stopping by here.

ReesePie said...

love 'em.

I really enjoy plant photos, especially when I have a camera with a good macro-focus.

Jill said...

Oh yeah. I love my macro lenses.
I used to have a great auto-nothing Minolta 35mm slr. Pre-digital.
It was my favorite camera ever and I had a set of three macro lenses.
I was looking for that the other day, then I realized whats-his-face took it to Colorado when he moved out.
Oh well. Maybe I can look on eBay to find another.
That was a great film camera. It really forced you to think about the shot since you had to set everything manually.