Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Finally, changes I can see

At the top is the kitchen in its patched, plastered and primed state.
Yay. We have progress.
We are in the middle of week 3 of the kitchen remodel and I am finally seeing cabinets go in.
George likes the new cabinets. I wonder if he will like them as much when they are covered by countertops.

More cabinets in, including the big one, above, that will house the double oven, below.

There was a huge pile of cardboard in the driveway from the boxes the cabinets came in. And that isn't even all the cabinets. Plus there are still giant boxes that hold the appliances.
I sure hope my workers recycle that stuff.
Turns out I don't really like the drawer pulls I bought.
I mean, I like them (they look like mini versions of the oven handles), but they are too wide for some of the narrower drawers. So I will take those back and may just use the brushed nickel knobs on everything.
Speaking of my oven, isn't the new double oven beautiful?
I can't wait to bake two things at the same time.


ReesePie said...

It's tres magnifique! I'll take a cheesecake on top and a baked mac and cheese on the bottom.

Sona said...

OMG I love the double oven. We had one growing up and I wanted one in this house but somehow my wishes didn't get heard.

As for the drawer pulls, we purchased some but loved the look of the cabinets alone we never installed ours. They are still in a box under the sink.

Make sure you love them - you'll be seeing them every day.

Jill said...

I had drawers with no pulls in the old kitchen and they seemed to get dirty from being handled all the time.
I think pulls or knobs of some kind would cut down on how dirty the actual cabinets get.
Luckily these cabinets are more user friendly than the old ones.
They have a thermofoil coating that wipes down easily.
The knobs I picked are just plain, round brushed nickel, nothing too weird.

Jill said...

I have to start menu planning now for my new oven.
Your idea sounds pretty good, Reese.

Sona said...

Well, white cabinets would be impossible to keep clean. Ours are dark cherry and a quick swipe with some pledge makes them gleem.

Jill said...

I had very light, almost whiet cabinets before.
They were not hard to keep clean. They were just poorly made and were falling apart after 20 some years.
Since the space is narrow, I really wanted to keep things as light was possible.
Dark cabinets just won't fit with the rest of my house.

Alex said...

You're going to cook in that beautiful new kitchen? And mess up all those brand new things?

You go girl.

Incidentally, my guys didn't haul away the cardboard... I had to take it all to Waste Management myself. Oddly enough, it's hard to find recyling places in this granola town of Denver.

Jill said...

These guys are taking away every last scrap of debris.
I like that.