Thursday, September 20, 2007

George is a bad jumper

So he climbs a ladder when he wants to get up on the counter.

I actually like that he can't get up there easily.

But it is cute to watch him scramble up a ladder.

I have some video somewhere of him climbing a bigger ladder. And then falling off of it while he was trying to climb down the ladder.

He is pretty quick for such a fat cat.


ReesePie said...

Awesome. It's been great fun to watch the skunk traverse the door/ladder to her cage.

Atypical California Girl said...
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Jill said...

He is actually pretty smart.
He figured out how to open doors if they have a handle instead of a knob.
I can hear him right now letting himself into a cabinet that has a latch.
It is cute, but it can get annoying when you are sleeping and he is at the door, jiggling the handle.

ReesePie said...

Our Siamese is the same way. We have to put the catnip in a container, in a ziplock, on a high shelf, in the cupboard. He used to open the old cupboard, pull out the drawer, pull out the container and bite holes in it until it leaked its druggy goodness.

Jill said...

Yeah. George likes cat nip. Lucy is the one who really goes crazy for it and will tear the house apart to find it.

Susan said...

george looks alot like our old cat Suds. Boy, I miss him.

Jill said...

Was Suds a 22-pound beast, too?
George is a behemoth of a cat.