Friday, September 21, 2007

Like a rolling stone... that they compact at a pressure of 100 tons

I now have countertops.

Two dudes came yesterday morning at 8 to install them. Which was early for me, but it was worth it.

They look great. The countertops, not the dudes.

The material is called Caesarstone, which is a quartz composite.
So, what is left?
Tile on the floor. The guy I want to hire will be available in a few weeks.
In the meantime I want the kitchen people to hook up the sink, cooktop and oven. I also think they should be able to finish the open electrical outlets.
They don't want to install the dishwasher and refrigerator until the floor is in so that those things only have to be moved and hooked up once. That will reduce the possibility of denting anything, I guess.
But if they finish the sink, stove and oven, I can start using those and stop washing dishes in the bathroom and making tea on the barbecue.
And then there is the backsplash and painting. Those are things I want to do myself to save money.
So those go to the bottom of the list. I figure I can get the painting done in one weekend and hopefully get the backsplash done in another.

The bottom line: It will be at least another month before the whole thing is DONE.
Click on the photos to get the bigger picture.


Sona said...

Oh god that looks so nice.

But - why didn't you paint the walls when nothing was installed and you didn't have to worry about drips????

Jill said...

I am not sure yet what tiles I am using on the floor and the backsplash, so I don't want to pick a paint color until I pick the tile.
I just know I don't want white walls.