Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fun with the muni code

I went to the Web site for the city of Torrance to try and find out what recourse I have when it comes to my neighbors' dog.
This dog starts barking just after 7 a.m. and does not stop all morning.
What I think happens is that the adults in the house go to work and the kids go to school and the dog gets put in the back yard.
And then the dog gets bored and upset and starts barking.
Now, I don't mind that they have a dog. Great. Whatever.
What I do mind is that I am still sleeping at 7 a.m.
Heck, I am usually still sleeping at 9 a.m. That is just my schedule.
And normally I am a pretty sound sleeper. But their yard is right next to my bedroom, so I hear the dog and it wakes me up most mornings lately.
I think they got this dog at the beginning of summer and since the kid was home from school, the dog wasn't left alone in the morning.
But school is back in session and the dog is out in the yard.

Oh yeah, and these are the same neighbors who backed into my car.

Anyway, back to the beginning of this post.

I went to the city Web site to try and see if there are noise ordinances relating to dogs in the municipal code.
I couldn't find anything specific about noise.
But I did find this:

(Added by O-96)It shall be unlawful for any male and female person who shall not be married to each other to cohabit together in the City or to occupy alone the same bedroom or apartment in any rooming house, apartment house or hotel, or to occupy alone the same residence in the City. Nothing in this Section shall be construed to prohibit the immediate members of a family, who are blood relations within not more than three (3) degrees consanguinity removed, from occupying the same residence or apartment.

OK. Wow. Archaic.

There was also a funny one about the baring of the breast or breast of a living female.

(Added by O-1584; O-1585)It is a misdemeanor and a public nuisance to expose or procure or to counsel or assist in the exposure of the breast or breasts of any living female for the purpose of public display, amusement, entertainment, or in connection with the sale or service of any commodity. For the purpose of this Section, bare female breasts shall include the exposure of the medial and lateral lower quadrants, or of the nipple or areola, or of any other portion of the lower half of said breasts. Each such display shall be considered a separate offense subject to separate criminal prosecution. The minimum penalty for each such offense shall be a Five Hundred Dollar ($500.00) fine or six (6) months in the County jail or both such fine and imprisonment.

And one last note: When I did spell check on this post, it flagged the word areola. I just find that amusing.


Susan said...

I have a dog, but I agree - there's no excuse for a dog to be outdoors by itself all day. I'd try telling the neighbor - they may not be aware, because If you get the cold shoulder, call animal control: Torrance: (310) 618-3850.


No person shall keep or maintain, or permit the keeping of upon any premises owned, occupied or controlled by such person, any animal or fowl otherwise permitted to be kept which, by any sound, cry or behavior shall cause annoyance or discomfort to a reasonable person of normal sensitiveness on any residential land.

Vicki said...

Where's Janet Jackson's name in that second ordinance? Hmmm...

Jill said...

I am a reasonable person of normal sensitiveness unless my sleep is disrupted. Then I am just plain cranky. Thanks Susan.

Vicki, I just like how they described the breast in such a way as to make it sound like they were plotting longitude and latitude or something.

Tammie Jean said...

That second ordinance is so funny. You can't even assist in the exposure! And I guess it's the lower parts that are really super naughty - good to know ;)

Sona said...

Can you expose the breast of any dead female?

Law is always worded so weird.

And there should be a nusiance law where you live. Just report it and the owners will be given a warning.

Jill said...

Tammie Jean: I guess that means cleavage is OK, but baring the southern hemispheres is off limits.

Sona: I thought exactly the same thing about the "living female" wording. So odd.