Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's not blue... It's damask

That is the name of the color I ended up choosing for the backsplash tile.
Before I made the final choice (at $17 a square foot), I went to Lowe's to get a sample of paint in the same color.

Lucky me, they had a small can of the EXACT color on the mistake table. It was $1 instead of $4.

I also bought some paint in yellow and in a couple shades of red.

Those were just not right in there.
(The first photo is the color in the daylight; the second photo is the color at night with the hood light on it.)

And since the blue was the closest to the color in my inspiration kitchen, I went with my gut and ordered the blue.

The sample is square, but I ordered mine in a 3" x 6" so I can get that look of subway tiles.

They also have a very fine crackle in the glaze, which I like. It makes them look a little older, which I think will give the kitchen a more lived-in look.

I think they are just so pretty.

Since it was a custom order, it will take 4-6 weeks to get the tiles. In the meantime I can paint the walls and baseboard, attach the baseboard and get the stuff all moved back into the kitchen.

I already have started with the moving back in part.

The old fridge is empty and waiting for me to give it a good cleaning. I think I have found it a home already.

I also got all my cookbooks in the glass-doored cabinet. It is nice to be able to see them. Plus they look so pretty and colorful.

The manfriend commented that I have a lot. But I think it is an addiction. I love cookbooks.


Sona said...

I like it! That's a nice fresh color. I have drapes that are similar to that color in my sun room.

Jill said...

Sona: Thanks. Yeah, I think it is a little different than what you see in most kitchens, but that is good in my book.
Plus it really ties in nicely with the colors in the rest of the house.