Saturday, December 8, 2007

A bright spot in a gray day

It has been gray and dreary and cold (for Southern California) here for the past couple of days.
It was breezy when I left home at around noon and the roads were packed with cars.
I guess it is people out doing holiday stuff, but the traffic on the surface streets was awful.
It took me 25 minutes to go 6 miles to the freeway.
From there it only took 25 minutes to go the other 30 miles to work.
Drivers were just being so rude and stupid.
I really was glad to get to work just to be off the roads.
Of course, I would rather have been home with a fire in the fireplace and some soup bubbling on the stove.
Oh well. Maybe tomorrow after stamping.
Anyway, a few hours into work someone came over and said there was a great rainbow. We could see it from the window.

But I wanted a better view.
So I grabbed my camera and went to the top of the parking structure.
It was HUGE. It was a full arc over the whole sky. It was too big to all fit in the shot.
And you could see the full double-rainbow effect.
It was just beautiful.
I thought I got five or six shots off, but when I downloaded them there was only one.
But while I was outside one of the staff photographers came out and tried to get a shot, but the clouds had shifted and the rainbow was gone.
So my one shot ended up as a small photo on our local section cover and as the lead photo on our Web site.
At least until some other news breaks to replace it.
Well, I must be off now.
Stay warm, stay dry and stay safe.

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