Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Of course I forgot to take pictures

Since picture taking is not something I normally do while cooking, I forgot to do it yesterday when I was in my kitchen frenzy.

But I did remember to get some at the end of the frenzy and another this morning of all the stuff I put in the freezer for later.

What I have there is chicken and rice soup with veggies (4 containers on the left), roasted red pepper soup (8 flat bags in the middle front), chili (7 individual portions at the back of the pile) and 6 portions of twice-baked potatoes (two portions each in the containers to the left). I freeze the soup flat, then I can stand them up in one of the freezer baskets.

Everything came out quite good.

The manfriend and I had some of the stewed chicken with rice and beans for dinner. So much so that we were too full for the plantain dessert.

Which is fine. I can make that later in the week.

The mass quantities of the chicken, rice and beans will also be my contribution to our office potluck today.

I like to make sure no one goes away hungry.


ReesePie said...

"I like to make sure no one goes away hungry."

This is my philosophy with my houseguests.

Nan said...

It all looks delicious! I need to do the cook ahead and freeze thing. Would save so much angst on the days when I just don't feel like cooking!