Friday, January 25, 2008

Pizza and beer would be fine, too

I have not even looked at my blog in about three days.

Bad. I know.

It's been crazy busy at work.

Not to mention the party planning.

I am a bit behind schedule with it, but I am not worried.

Stuff is getting done.

And as I told the manfriend, if it comes down to it, I already have the beer and wine. If I get pressed for time on the food, I will just order some pizzas.

But really, it should be fine.

It has been raining on and off here for a few days. That seems to make everything crazier for some reason.

I do love the big, puffy clouds that we get between the rains.

But the rain has made some party prep tricky.

Like the part that I needed to make on the grill.

So today I was grilling flank steak (for the party) before going to work. I was in my back yard, in my pajamas grilling steak while the rain had stopped.

As soon as the steak was done and I was taking it off the grill... DROP! DROP! DROP!

Big, fat drops of rain.

They were slow at first, just long enough for me to turn off the gas grill, grab my tongs and steaks and run for the house.

Then the downpour.

I also made bruschetta today.

Then I went to work. There was snow on Saddleback Peak today, which for those who are not in this area, is a not-too-high mountain in O.C. So it was a surprise to see snow there.
It looked quite cool.

Tonight I may just do a little cleaning and leave any more food prep until tomorrow morning.

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