Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's party day!

I am up early. It is before 8 a.m.
If you know me, you know that is early.

I probably do not have 9 hours worth of stuff left to do. But I will spend 9 hours fussing around and worrying.

I want to get some non-skid strips on my front steps. It's been rainy here and the genius who built the steps tiled then in slick ceramic tile.

Even dry the stuff is slippery. When it is wet... Well let's just say I do not want to test the limits of my homeowners' insurance.

Today is a little bit of cleaning and putting all the food together.

Last night I did a little prep on the food. I rolled the asparagus spears in prosciutto. I will roast those right before the party.

This two oven thing will come in handy.

I also made a sort of aioli sauce for the asparagus with mayo, tarragon, garlic, lemon juice and sugar. It is tangy and a tad sweet. It should go nicely with the salty prosciutto.

I promise that once it is all pulled together I will take more pictures than you can stand.

For now, I am going to have some tea and ease into my day.

1 comment:

ReesePie said...

when you get done prepping for your party can you come make me dinner? I'm exhausted.