Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Turning the tables

So the manfriend and I went all over town Sunday looking at furniture. Turns out he really likes to look at furniture. Yay!

I have been wanting to get a new dining table and chairs for a while now. Years, really.

There was nothing wrong with the old table except I do not like it anymore. It really does not go with the house. It was purchased almost 15 years ago based on the fact that it was dirt cheap.

And with that dirt cheap price tag came rickety chairs.

The wobble, they creak and they have, on at least one occasion, fallen apart while a dinner guest was sitting on one.

So, time for a new set.

Now I don't usually want to spend a ton on furniture. I have cats. Nothing stays pristine for very long.

I looked at the usual places and found nothing.

Then I found a table I liked, but the chairs were no good for me. Plus it was about 6 inches wider than the existing table. I worried that even though it was only 6 inches, it would make the space feel crowded.

It is one large room for living room (including TV and fireplace) and dining area. And the kitchen right there separated by the bar area. So it is a room full of focal points. I did not want to get a table that is too big.

So I ended up doing some more looking Monday. And then I found it.

I went to Crate and Barrel. I was sure they would only have stuff that was way more than I wanted to spend. And they did.

But they also had a simple, pretty table and chairs that will fit nicely in the space. They are a more modern style and the right size. And on the rare occasion I need more table, it extends to seat 8.

So I ordered the table and 6 chairs. It will be flat-pack shipped to my house.

Which means I get to assemble it all. No problem. I've done that stuff in the past and it did help keep the cost down.

It will be delivered next week. Which gives me plenty of time to have it assembled before my party on Jan. 27.

With luck it will even be done by Jan. 20 stamping. Maybe.


Alex said...

Very nice, much better than the set from Monkey Wards! Just give The George a nearby scratching post so he doesn't get tempted.

Jill said...

George is not bad about the table. It's Lucy who tore up the table legs on the old one. I think they will be OK with this one. I am going to be on chair patrol though.

Anonymous said...

I really like the new table and chairs. The dark wood will be good in your house. Also I think it will look nice with the blue in your kitchen.

Jill said...

Thanks Mom. I think it will look good. The only thing to worry about is if I can assemble it without too many problems. I've been charging up my electric screwdriver/drill set.