Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mmmmmmm... chocolate and rum

My drugs are all gone and I am pretty much back to my normal self, such as it is.

What better way to celebrate than with a cake?

I worked part of Sunday then went out to dinner with the whole extended family for my uncle's 50th birthday. So no cooking on Sunday.

But on Monday, I was in the mood to chop, whisk, mince, dice and sautee. Plus all those other cooking verbs.

I made a big pot of potato-leek soup (recipe to be posted later when I finish typing it up) to go into single portions in the freezer.

For dinner I made grilled burgers with a side salad and baked sweet potato fries with a spicy barbecue sauce. Yum.

For dessert?

Chocolate-rum cake with homemade whipped cream and raspberry puree.


I have made this before and it is really not a tough cake to make. It just dirties a lot of bowls and a few pans.

But it is like a restaurant dessert.

Other than that, I did not do much with my one full day off work.

I slept late today, leaving myself a little time for photo work on the cake pictures and pulling the recipe together. Then off to work.

The rest of this week I have some chores to do at home and some cards to work on for some Internet swaps. I also need to see about a hair cut.

Exciting, I know.

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