Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thinking of You - in black and white

With a little red thrown in for color.

The Internet swap I signed up for was a black and white color scheme with a little shot of one other color.

My first choice was not red.

But instead of having a caard made from a piece of paper just folded over, I wanted to use two separate pieces of paper, held together at the side by eyelets.

And the only color I had enough of in the eyelets was red. So red it was.

After that it was pretty easy.

I had waited until beyond the last minute to do this card. It is due in Ohio on March 15.

So I kept it simple. Plus I like simple.

I got these done pretty fast on Monday and sent them out yesterday to arrive by March 14.

The stamps are just random things I have here. I don't know brands or anything.

There is a bit of glitter on the little red flowers. It is hard to see in the picture.

No fancy tricks or techniques. No time for that.

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ReesePie said...

Oooh looks like my wedding. :)