Thursday, April 10, 2008

Snow, yo *updated*

*Here is a picture from my room this morning.

It stopped snowing, but it is still cold enough for me to think "I'm glad I didn't move here"

But it is nice to visit so I can wear my cute pink Burberry scarf and the fuzzy winter hat I got when I thought I was moving here.*

I'm in Denver, y'all.

And there is snow in the forecast.

Or should I say "more snow?" Since it seems to have snowed overnight.

I see a light dusting of it on the grass outside.

Anyway, I am here for a conference for a few days.

And I am glad the conference is in an area where I can get to good restaurants and bars easily.

Since I am pretty sure I did not bring the right shoes.

No, I left the strappy sandals at home because I knew it would be cold.

But I was not expecting snow.

I want to try to get out and see a few sights while I am here.

I will post pictures if I do.

Or if there is a blizzard.


Rachel Schell said...

it was 70 degrees last Sunday and it's supposed to snow this sunday. this is madness!!

Anonymous said...

I was in Denver around that same time for a User Conference too. I wonder if we were at the same one. I was at a Quest Conference.