Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I like to take pictures

I took some photography classes about 8 years ago and I was hooked.

I don't claim to be a great photographer. But I know what I like to shoot.

I even had a darkroom in the house for a while. I still have the enlarger. But now that I am digital, I do not use it.

But somehow I cannot part with it.

Here is a selection of things I have photographed over the past few years.

It is just for my own amusement that I take photographs like this.

And, I hope, a little bit for your amusement.

Oh yeah, the most recent additions are from my 5-hour walk around Denver. They start toward the end of Page 2 with the photos of the 99 or so bottles of beer on the wall.

And, since I take a lot of pictures, that link is bound to update every so often. Feel free to check back sporadically.

I like to share my artistic endeavors.


Rachel Schell said...

looks like a great selection of pictures!! :)

Sona said...

Very nice!