Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Watch the birdy

I had another online card swap to do.

Which I forgot about completely until two days ago.

And it is due in Utah by Saturday.

I probably could have just flaked, but I hate to do that.

It just feels so, well, flaky.

So I started working something up yesterday.

The title of the swap is "Flowers for Mom," which is pretty open as far as what I could do.

I knew already that I wanted to use this bird. I just think it is such a pretty image.

I played around a while back with something called emboss-resist. This is when you stamp the image and them create the shiny, sort of raised effect by heat setting embossing powder over the image.

For this one I stamped in clear ink and embossed in clear powder on white paper.

Then I sponged the color (Groovy Guava from Stampin' Up) over the whole bird. The ink settles into the parts that are not embossed. In this case the floral pattern on the bird.

On the parts that are embossed, the ink will not stick. I have seen this image stamped in white ink on colored paper. Sure, you get a white bird with a colored pattern in it.

But the bird never looked really white. It looked like white ink on colored paper. Kind of muddy.

This way I got a bright white and the color exactly like I wanted, not having to rely on having a certain color paper.

Anyway, enough of the stamper talk.

It's just pretty.


Jennifer said...

Oh my god, Jill, that looks awesome!

ReesePie said...

That's a really cool effect!