Friday, May 16, 2008

Four days off

To work. To play. To sleep.
Circumstances that I do not wish to discuss have given me four days off.
Yes, I still have a job.
If I didn't I would probably be off for more than four days.

All I can say is that I plan to enjoy the time.

Tomorrow will be chore day.
Work around the house must be done.
Inside the house. Outside the house.

Saturday is for play.
It's the manfriend's birthday.
He wants to go sailing. So we shall go sailing.
I think before that we are going to the gay pride parade in Long Beach.
It's a great people watching event.
And I think people should be able to love someone, even if people are named Harold and someone is named Stewart.

Sunday will be more play.
It will be nice to have two full days of nothing but fun.
I have no solid plans for this day. That is part of the fun.

Monday is for work.
More inside the house. More outside the house.
Whatever did not get done Friday.

There is supposed to be a heat wave this weekend.

We shall see what that really means and how it affects my plans.

I could very well end up in my living room with the a/c blasting all weekend.

Oh, but I do plan to cook. I have been craving my kitchen.

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