Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In too deep?

I sure hope not...

I signed up for scuba lessons yesterday.

There are five classes, 6 hours each. They start Sunday at 7:30 (ouch!) a.m.

I also bought the basics for the pool work: snorkel, mask, fins, gloves and booties.

Now I need to find someplace that can rent me a wet suit for the June 14-15 dives.

The guy at the shop I went to said he would not have a woman's suit long enough for me.

So this might be tricky.

Eventually, if I really like this and want to dive around here on a regular basis, I will need to get a suit made, I think.

Then there are tanks, weight belts, a dive watch, etc. ...

This could get expensive. But after doing some beginner dives a few years back in the Caribbean, I think I may get into this.

Of course the water there was 85 degrees and crystal clear.

Which is not the case off of California. But there must be something to it. People are out there all the time.

And the manfriend is certified, so it could be something fun to share.

So, here I go. Diving in.


Jim Thomsen said...

The next move, of course, is to get an underwater camera.

Good luck. And be very, very careful. We hear about scuba diving accidents here in the Puget Sound all the time.

Z. Marie said...

Very cool! After you're certified, you should come down here to visit. Tobago is supposed to have great diving (not that I've been there yet).

ReesePie said...

Awesome! You should come scuba in Key West when you're done in Tobago...

Jill said...

Jim, you somehow always manage to inject that little note of cynicism.
It's one of the things I like about you.
And yes, I will be extremely careful. I am not a daredevil by any means. I just want to give this a try. And if done right, it can be safe and beautiful.

Z., I would love to get to all those great places like Bonaire and Tobago and Grand Cayman. I am starting my scuba adventures (after the certification dives here) with a trip to St. Thomas. I am so excited!

Reese, The manfriend went diving in the Keys. He had a great time. It would be great to get to that part of the country once I am checked out for diving.

My main thing with this is to have fun, but be safe.
And I am really a chicken at heart. I plan on doing guided dives, never diving alone, not going too deep... I am a sissy diver. At least to start.
My first dives a few years ago in St. Thomas were only at about 30 feet and they were awesome. So you don't have to go too far to see amazing things.