Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Did you?

I have voted in every election I was able to since I turned 18.

I voted today. And not by absentee. I like to go to the polls. This time it was in a pool house at a senior community near my house.

I like to get my sticker, darn it!

It was city council, a couple propositions, one city measure and a bunch of judicial stuff.

Nothing presidential. We already had our primary ages ago.

So, do you vote?

Do you think it is important?

Do you do your research on the candidates or just vote for the incumbent or along party lines?


We have already established that I vote.

Because I do think it is important, even if there is not a presidency involved.

And I do try to research the candidates and issues. Sometimes this gets to be a pain.

Especially when there are several judicial seats up for grabs. Those I did not do research on. I had my own method of selection that I will not share. No, I did not automatically pick a women if that was an option. And no, it is not totally random.

But on candidates, I try to read what the local papers have to say. I read the candidate statements. Because it may just be a city council race, but I live here.

So I vote.


Samantha said...

Ohmygosh, I forgot to vote!!! Thanks for the reminder. I can just make City Hall.

Jill said...

Hope you make it in time!

Sona said...

I try to always vote. I think when my daughter was an infant I skipped the primaries cause I was just too... everything.

I do believe it to be important.

I got my sticker - and an extra for my daughter!