Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wetsuit update

So I called the wetsuit company Monday, like the guy said I should, to ask how it was coming along.
He said things were great and they were cutting the suit that day.
Honestly, I was a little taken aback by that.
I had been in a full week earlier. Shouldn't they have it cut by now? Shouldn't they be further along with it?
I tried to put the doubts out of my head.
They know what kind of time is required to make a suit. I should not second guess that.

So I went on ahead to meet the manfriend for lunch.

Over the meal I told him about the very laidback attitude of the wetsuit guy.
I told him I was a little worried that it was not going to be done in time for this weekend's dives.

I was thinking about my options then and decided that I would go to another dive shop and see if they had a bigger selection of rental suits.

After lunch I headed over to Dive n Surf in Redondo Beach.

The guy who helped me there said that while it would not fit as well as my own suit (obviously) that he probably had something that would work.

He took me back to where they have their rental gear and gave me a suit to try.
Now the changing rooms there are off the pool area, which is basically a big steamy room with a pool in it.
So the changing room was a bit humid.
And it turns out that trying on wetsuits is not really an easy or fun thing to do.

I struggled into the first suit. It was tight. I knew it was supposed to be tight.
But I also knew I needed to be able to breathe. And once it was zipped up the back, the neckline was kind of cutting into my neck.

So, suit No. 2. This one was even more difficult to get on just because I had started to get a little sweaty from the first one.
Again, I wrestled and wrangled and managed to get into it.
Too big. In the arms, in the thighs. Too big.
Water needs to be able to get between you and the suit, but not that much water.


By this time I was hot, sweaty and tired. But I had to find a suit that would work.
I needed a backup suit.

So it was on to the third suit.
This one took the longest to get into. And at one point I really thought "I cannot do this." I was on the verge of tears.
Tears of frustration. Tears because even as I was in the situation I realized how freaking ridiculous it was.
Finally, I got the suit on and zipped. It seemed to fit OK overall.
It was a little big in the, um, crotch area. But then again, it was a man's suit, which was the only way I could get one long enough.

So I have my backup plan.

Then Wednesday on the way to work I stopped by the wetsuit company.
This time he said they were getting ready to start sewing and putting it together that day.
He assured me it would be done Friday morning so I could get it on the way to work.


I will not be paranoid.
I have a backup plan.
I want my own suit.
I want my suit that doesn't have enough room in the crotch to carry a 6-pack.

I am going to just have to have some faith.
Because there is really no other choice at this point.

And it's OK.
I have a backup plan.

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