Monday, June 9, 2008

Making the grade

I passed the written portion of the scuba test.
No, I did not get a perfect score.
But to be honest, there are some questions on there that are a little bit, um, crappy.
And those were the ones I missed.
I got the dive table questions right.
I got the one right that deal with how not to seriously hurt yourself.
I did well in the pool exercises on what to do when you or your buddy is out of air.
So, all in all, I feel good about it.

We got details on next weekends dives. They sound fun, but exhausting.

I am sure just the physical part is tiring. But factor in the mental part.
The part where I am thinking and thinking about how much time and money is already in this so I can't fail.
The part where I am thinking about all the drills and exercises and hand signals and everything I learned in the pool, in a perfect 85-degree, clear-water situation.
And how now I will be in a not-so-perfect, 50-degree, ocean situation.

Then I just think: Relax. It will come to you. And as for the water, people dive here all the time and think it is a great place. So it can't be too bad.

But the wetsuit issue is still in the back of my mind. I am having lunch with manfriend today and will swing by the wetsuit place on the way there. Just to see how it's coming along.

Anyway, no pictures on these first couple dive trips. I had decided not to even try it, but someone else in the class asked about bringing cameras underwater.
The instructor said on these dives they want us to concentrate on the diving, not taking pictures.

Which was my feeling about it, too.

So, I have this week to rest up, think about everything I learned and then be ready for 8 a.m. Saturday on the sand at Redondo.

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