Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dog dishes

My neighbor took his dogs in for spaying and neutering last week.

Oh man.

Giant puppies in giant Elizabethan collars.

It was way too cute.

Poor things were so clumsy, bumping into each other and scraping the wall with the giant cones.

Yukon also was very funny trying to bite Sacha's cone.

But since they both had cones on, it was just comedy.

They looked like little satellite dishes.

Or giant coffee filters.


ReesePie said...

Oh I'm so glad you're posting pics of them again - they are so cute!

You should have seen Stinkerbell when she had to wear a cone. THAT was hilarious.

Byronicus said...

HaHa! they do look like mobile satellite dishes!
I wonder how many channels they get!
And better yet, are they HD channels...(HD= Happy Dog!)

Jill said...

They are cone-free now. And so happy about that.
And I will keep posting pictures every now and then.
Imagine if they were my dogs... You would get no recipes, no dive photos, nothing but dog pictures all the time.