Sunday, October 5, 2008

My never-ending quest

This is about what I feel like anytime I go shopping for shoes.
Thanks, for putting it into Web comic form.

Especially dress boots.

A few years ago I found a great pair of black, leather boots with a simple square toe and not-too-high heel.
They are fabulous with jeans, skirts and dresses.
They are not too short and not too tall.
The leather is soft, but durable.
They also were $200 boots that I found for $70 at Nordstrom Rack in Broomfield, Colo.
It was pure luck and good timing that I found the perfect boots at a store four states from home.
If they'd had more, I would have bought every pair.

Because buying boots is a pain.

And while these are great, they are now about four years old and starting to show it, no matter how much I baby them and take them to my favorite repair guy every summer for an overhaul.

So I am back in the market for boots.

The problem? I am 6 feet tall. That comes with some big ol' feet.

They are not wide, just very, very long.

I have tried every pair of black boots Zappos has, I have tried going back to the Rack here in So Cal, I have tried several boots from

Basically I am on the lookout for great boots anywhere I go and anytime of year now.

In the end, I think it will just have to be another moment of good luck.


ReesePie said...

I hear ya. I always have problems finding boots that are just right.

Tash said...

Once you find them, you must look great - all 6 feet & 3 1/2 inches!
My problem with boots is my oversize Slavic calfs - great for walking behind a plow all day, lousy for buying knee-high boots.

ReesePie said...

And you inspired me to buy some boots last night at piperlime... I'll let you know how they work out.

Jacque Jo said...

You are making me want to go boot shopping. :) We have the same height thing, but I have not-huge feet. Only a 9. Sometimes 10.

Sona said...

They don't make boots in my size, so I know what it's like to be excited when you find something that fits.

Jill said...

Reese: Right. Fit is so key especially with boots. And I have tried Piperlime, but they have nothing in my size. Darn them.

Tash: I have a bit of that problem with my calves. Super skinny boots are not going to work. I saw an ad for some that look great and have a little elastic in the top of the boot shaft. I need to track those down and see if they come in my size.

Jacque: Do not taunt me with your tiny feet. I would love to wear a 10. Heck, I'd even be OK with a size 11. Sometimes in sandals I can get by with an 11.

Sona: Usually if I find soemthing I like, I buy two if at all possible. I do that with jeans, too. Being tall means having a 37-inch inseam. Add that to the fact that I actually have hips and booty and finding jeans also is a challenge.

Bebhin said...

You write very well.